The 5pur2 Effect


3 days on and it still sounds so very sweet. Every time I happen to glance at the time and see the score line etched on the face of my watch I can’t help but laugh. The North London Derby is arguably my favorite fixture of the season. It’s a constant reminder to us and Spurs fans that despite what they think at the beginning of every season, they will never ever ever ever rule North London.

I won’t go into too much detail in terms of the game as I am sure that you have all, like me, read about a thousands articles all saying roughly the same thing and loved every minute of it. I will though mention the joy of watching Adebayor, the worst professional the game has ever seen make headlines, once again, for all the wrong reasons, and how handy the red season tickets are for moments like that.

After Adebayor’s dismissal the thundering header from Per set us on our way and the rest is history. The usually placid German showing in his celebration the kind of passion that we all love to see. An indication, for me, of how he feels about the Club and his understanding of not just the derby but also the position we are in. It was reminiscent of Sagna’s header is the corresponding fixture last year and was the catalyst to our domination.

I disagree with those who say that without the red card Arsenal may not have triumphed. It may not have been quite so easy but it’s rare for teams to concede five goals even when down to ten men. We dominated all over the park, particularly in the centre of midfield. Much has been said about Carzola’s influence on the game and it cannot be denied. The growing understanding between him and Jack is encouraging and in the two of them I believe we have two of the most talented midfielders in the division. Walcott was also instrumental but my praise of him will remain muted until he signs on the dotted line.

The post game gathering in the Tollington was a world away from the feeling after Fulham. Jack was the first to drive past and as everyone sang ‘what do you think of Tottenham?’ it was quite clear that Jack was mouthing the remainder of the chant back to us. Absolute class. His feelings made quite clear both on and off the pitch.

Jenkinson was a late arrival and we manage to go over and have a proper chat with him. One of us asked him how much he hates Tottenham to which he replied ‘as much as you lot’, an opinion firmly backed up by his dad who was with him. From behind us cries of ‘we hate Tottenham’ were coming from the remaining Gooners and Jenks was banging on the roof of his car to the same tune. Absolutely incredible. That family really is living the dream and is an example of how passion off the pitch can lead to success on it.

On to tomorrow night now and a match against the French champions should be a very winnable game. Since we stole their most potent attacker they’ve struggled in both Ligue 1 and the Champions League.

Just an aside on Giroud, I find it interesting and typical of the English press that as soon as he starts producing some really excellent performances there is nothing to read on him, yet after four Premier League games without a goal he was all over the back pages. Just ridiculous.

Anyway back to Montpellier and they currently lie at the foot of the group with only a miracle granting them qualification. They’ll be playing for their pride though and this is not a game that we should approach half-heartedly. We must build on the momentum gained from the weekend and make sure that the result kick starts a run of wins. We are a better side than them and we must make that very clear on the pitch come Wednesday night.

Our next five fixtures in the league are Villa (A), Everton (A), Swansea (H), W.B.A (H) and Reading (A) all games that we should be looking to get wins in.

Nick highlighted in his last post the growing divide in opinion amongst the Arsenal fan base. Lets hope now that the result at the weekend and some positive results over the coming weeks can change the overall mood to one of optimism.

The game against Tottenham comes as a reminder of why we love this game and this Club so much. Long may the winning feeling continue.



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