All or Nothing for Arsenal and Arsene: How the Papers Might Read Monday Morning

It feels as though each of the last 10 games has been ‘Arsenal’s biggest game of the season’, but now we can say it like we mean it. Sunday is indeed judgement day, 90 of the most painstaking, excruciating minutes of our lives. The result will define not only this season but probably next season too. Win and we will have snatched victory from a position in which it should never have been possible. Fail to win and it’s the lowest point of many of our Arsenal supporting lives. It’s do or die, sink or swim, in or out, take it or leave it, us or them, yes or no, or whatever particular dualism cliche takes your fancy..

The axe will undoubtedly fall most heavily on Arsene’s head should we fail to win, so here are two journalistic glimpses into Monday morning’s papers to highlight just how fine the margins are!

newspaper (2)

”As a disconsolate Arsenal left the pitch at White Hart Lane back in March, many thought the 5 point gap that had opened up was too significant a margin to overcome. Yesterday’s victory saw the Gunners once again prove they are indeed the ‘fourth place specialists’ as dubbed by Arsene Wenger only last week. An incredible run of form, winning 8 of their last 10 league games since the 2-1 defeat at the hands of Spurs, sets up a big summer in which we are led to believe Wenger has in the region of £70 million to bolster the squad.

With the best away record in the league, conceding just 14 goals away from home all season (whilst they conceded 8 in one game during the last campaign), it looks as though this newly assembled squad might finally have found their feet. The new contracts signed by the British core of Wilshere, Ramsey, Gibbs, Jenkinson and Chamberlain as well as the probable departure of Gareth Bale surely signify a continuation of the balance of power in North London. The three new signings of Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski have also each reached 20 goals in a debut season riddled with unjust criticism.

Time then to look towards a bright future in the red half of North London? I think so. Mancini and Ferguson has departed, meaning that all 91 English League Clubs have changed their manager since the last time Arsene Wenger last won a trophy! An incredible stat but one which should be seen as an appreciation of the level of consistency Wenger has adhered to rather than a slight on his misfortunes. In a season in which Spurs gained more points than any other 5th placed team, Wenger once again pipped the old enemy at the post, and he deserves a lot of credit for doing so”.

newspaper (3)

”It looked as though Arsenal had once again scraped a fourth place finish but Arsene Wenger’s luck seems to have finally run out, and so may his time as a Premier League manager. Ever since Patrick Vieira scored the winning penalty in Cardiff against Utd with his last kick for the Club, Arsenal have been in demise. Europa League football presents an all time low as far as the Wenger era is concerned and this may prove a step too far for an Arsenal board who have been his most ardent supporters in years gone by.

Only last week Arsenal fans were criticising Chelsea for taking such pride in winning the Europa League but in a years time Arsenal themselves will be vying to match Chelsea’s feat. Although they went into the final day as favourites to claim fourth place, failure from the jaws of success should come as no great surprise. Wenger’s stubbornness and refusal to listen to the demands of seemingly everyone around him lead to similar ‘oh so close’ scenarios including the Champions League final in 2006, the defeat to Birmingham in the League Cup final in 2011, this season’s defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League and now the failure to beat Newcastle Utd on the final day of the 2012/13 season.

The sad truth is that Tottenham have been the better team all season and are deserving of their fourth place finish. The writing has been on the wall for Wenger for a number of years and you can only think, at least in the short term, his legacy will be a regretful one rather than a memorable one. This particular failure will have huge financial implications and many of the apparent transfer targets are likely to head elsewhere seeking European football of the highest order. Wenger may be on his way to PSG, but it may not be a decision of his choosing as we always thought it would be”.

Wow writing that second one was painful.. Hope you all enjoy Sunday as much as it’s emotionally possible. I suggest you have a heavy supply of alcohol at the ready and avoid sharp objects. See you on the other side.



4 Comments on “All or Nothing for Arsenal and Arsene: How the Papers Might Read Monday Morning”

  1. John maeqa says:

    Nerves i can tell ya, but am hopin 4 the former headline not the latter or else i’ll die. Make us proud gunners!

  2. Spectrum says:

    If we make top four again ( yawn ) it’s considered a success ? Only by the A.K.B.’s it should be. Success is finishing FIRST, as the writer seems to need reminding. The consistency you mentioned is deceptive. We were “consistent” and also on an unbeaten run towards the end of last season as well – remember ? But as usual, the damage had already been done earlier, as it was this season, and we’ve made no improvement in league position. In fact, we’re likely to finish fourth – worse than last time.

    Wenger’s masterplan for next campaign ? Let’s sign yet another one for the future. A French Ligue 2 player who happens to be – surprise surprise, a free transfer, and who other clubs are steering well clear of, due to his shocking injury record.

    Wherever we finish, Wenger’s time was over long ago. To give him credit ( ! ?) for another season of failure – and that’s what it IS – means we deserve what we get – nothing.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

    • cookemorris says:

      I agree with many of your arguments. Can I clarify that these two ‘articles’ are both written by one person and attempt to show how, whatever you think of Wenger, this game will either allow Wenger to continue in the same vain (mask his failures) for another year or expose him as ‘past it’. These are not the opinions of us but of two stereotypical opposing Arsenal fans. Nevertheless, I have to say I think, if we manage to win, this could be the start of a great improvement as long as everyone sticks around. I’m still pro-Wenger but yes if we lose my patience will be tested. The point is that opinion can be decided on such fine margins.

  3. brilliant post, and i believve it was hard to write the second part, cos man,it was even hard reading it…

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